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PLC and HMI Programming Course with Example Problems

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About Course

In this advanced PLC Course, you will learn the PLC and HMI programming with real-life industrial example problems and solutions.

This PLC and HMI training course was created based on interesting projects from scratch.

PLC and HMI Programming

Every PLC project was discussed in detail with the following information as follows.

  • Project Objective
  • Input and Output Wiring
  • Logic Concept
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming
  • Simulation

You will learn the most useful example programs based on Programmable Logic Controllers and Human-machine interface programming.

Advanced PLC Programming Course

The Advanced PLC Programming Course is a specialized training program designed to enhance technical skills in PLC and HMI programming.

This PLC course consists of 55+ videos and provides various project examples, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking advanced knowledge in the field of automation.

Content and Learning Outcomes

The Advanced PLC course covers a wide range of topics, providing learners with a thorough understanding of complex PLC and HMI programming concepts.

Key highlights include:

  1. Software and Simulation: The course begins with tutorials on software downloads and simulations, setting the foundation for more advanced topics.
  2. Practical Programming and Control: Learners are introduced to practical programming examples, such as controlling blinking lights, two-way switch logic, and auto-manual water pump control.
  3. Advanced HMI and PLC Integration: The course delves into the integration of HMI with PLC programming, offering insights into creating effective user interfaces and simulations for various automation processes.
  4. Real-World Applications: The course includes real-world project examples like sequence operation of production lines, automatic mains failure control, pneumatic cylinder control, and street light automation.
  5. Specialized Topics: Advanced topics such as VFD control, hydraulic press logic, recipe control, batch processing, and servo motor control are thoroughly explored.

Who Should Enroll

This PLC course is designed for professionals and students who already have a basic understanding of PLCs and are looking to advance their skills in PLC and HMI programming. It is particularly beneficial for those in fields like electrical engineering, automation, and industrial control systems.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained a robust understanding of advanced PLC and HMI programming techniques. They will be equipped with the skills to design, program, and handle complex automation systems in the field of industrial automation.

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What Will You Learn?

  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming
  • Simulation of Logic
  • Example Problems
  • Industrial Examples
  • Real-life Exercises

Course Content


  • Course Guidelines
  • Download PLC and HMI Software
  • PLC Programming and Simulation of Logic

PLC Example 1 – Design IO Simulator

PLC Example 2 – Control Blinking Rate of Light

PLC Example 3 – Two Way Switch Logic

PLC Example 4 – Auto Manual Water Pump

PLC Example 5 – Control Three Fans based on Temperature

PLC Example 6 – Production Line Sequence Operation

PLC Example 7 – Flashing 8 LEDs Alternatively

PLC Example 8 – Quiz Competition

PLC Example 9 – Automatic Motor Forward Reverse Control

PLC Example 10 – Automatic Mains Failure Control

PLC Example 11 – Sequence Control of Pneumatic Cylinders

PLC Example 12 – Lights Control with Time Delay

PLC Example 13 – Street Lights Control based on Real-Time

PLC Example 14 – Warehouse Products Count

PLC Example 15 – Main & Auxiliary Motors Control based on Run Time

PLC Example 16 – Count and Pack Boxes on Conveyors

PLC Example 17 – VFD Control with PLC & HMI

PLC Example 18 – Tank Filling Mixing and Draining

PLC Example 19 – Hydraulic Press or Anti Tie Down

PLC Example 20 – Traffic Light Control using Sequencer

PLC Example 21 – Batch Process using Recipe

PLC Example 22 – Servo Motor

PLC Example 23 – Control Panel Tower Lights

PLC Example 24 – Automatic Board Cleaner

PLC Example 25 – Door Open and Close

PLC Example 26 – Measure the Flow Rate

PLC Example 27 – Stamping | Stepper Motor Example

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1 week ago
Awesome experience
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
The course is very interestint
1 month ago
Its very good content and easier for everyone
2 months ago
Excellent course
2 months ago
Nice logic and HMI guide step by step
2 months ago
The course is very educative.
3 months ago
This course was amazing
3 months ago
This course is really help for me and the explanation of the topics are awesome. thank you
3 months ago
4 months ago
Great course!!!
4 months ago
Excellent course and learning
5 months ago
It is the most exciting course I have ever seen. Thank you very much dear instructor and automation community. I have learned a lot.
6 months ago
it is highly recommended.
6 months ago
good course for fresher grad
6 months ago
Really I enjoyed it. I learnt practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Now I have confidence to join any company.
6 months ago
Yeah is a good and useful
6 months ago
very good
6 months ago

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