Temperature Measurements Recommendations

  • Temperature Measurements Recommendations

    Posted by Chaitanya E on July 16, 2020 at 12:57 pm

    Temperature measurements shall be performed by Pt 100 elements (RTD – Resistance Temperature
    Device) in accordance with EN 60751.

    For temperature measurements above 600 degrees C, thermocouple material Chromel Alumel, type
    K, in accordance with EN 60584-1/2 should be used.

    Temperature transmitters shall be included within the sensor head except for motor winding
    temperature measurement and similar.

    Temperature sensors not accessible during operation shall for the selected critical equipment be
    installed with backup.

    Surface mounted temperature elements may be used if accuracy and response requirements are met.


    Thermowells shall be of the flanged type, size 1.5″. For tanks, vessels and piping with pressure class
    2500 lb and above, the size shall be 2″.

    For non-critical utility service, thermowells of threaded type, NPT, can be accepted.
    Thermowells shall not be longer than strictly necessary to obtain required accuracy and to avoid
    vibration “cracking”.

    Thermowell strength calculations shall be performed for process hydrocarbon systems according to
    ANSI/ASME Performance Test Codes 19.3.-1974, chapter 1, section 8-19 thermowells.

    Thermowell inner diameter suitable for TE/TI elements of 6 mm should be used.

    Temperature Gauges

    Bi-metallic temperature gauges with 100 mm nominal head diameter should be used for local

    Temperature gauges with capillary tubing should not be used.

    Manufacturer’s standard ranges should be used.

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