Guidelines for Impulse Pipe Laying

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  • Guidelines for Impulse Pipe Laying

    Posted by Padhu Edupuganti on July 16, 2020 at 11:10 am

    All impulse piping in general be given a slope of not less than 1 in 12 except where
    otherwise specified. The slope of impulse pipe work shall be down from the tapping
    point for liquids and up from the tapping points for gas service unless special
    provisions are made for venting and draining. For steam and Condensable impulse
    lines should be raised to same height to compensate for differential and bring down
    through condensing pots.

    Sitting of vents and drains shall be ensured at the highest and lowest points of
    piping run respectively.

    Impulse pipe lines shall be kept as short as possible consistent with good practice
    and accessibility.

    Handrails or process piping shall not be used as support to instrument impulse
    lines unless otherwise specified.

    Piping and tubing shall be adequately supported and fixed at distances not
    exceeding limits as shown in figure.

    Galvanized cable trays shall be used for continuously supporting four or more
    copper tubes and copper tubes shall be secured to the tray at 0.5 m interval.

    Use of multicore PVC tubes shall be preferred where multiple signals are

    Trays supporting tubing shall be run with the breadth of the tray in vertical plane. If
    in horizontal plane the tray shall be provided with additional support to prevent

    All trays and supports shall be securely fixed to structural steel work or masonary
    as per normal practice.

    Impulse pipes shall be routed away from hot environment, places with fire hazards,
    spilled liquids and where they are subject to mechanical abuse.

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