Level Measurement Recommendations

  • Level Measurement Recommendations

    Posted by Chaitanya E on July 16, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    Direct vessel mounted instruments with non-moving parts should be used.
    Measuring principles shall be selected according to the application.

    Typical evaluation criteria are as follows:

    • non moving parts

    • density

    • pressure

    • accuracy

    • temperature

    • vessel geometry

    • nozzle locations

    • clogging

    Local Level Indicators (Gauges)

    Level indicators shall cover maximum and minimum operational levels including high/low trip

    Gauges with magnetic indicators should be used for hydrocarbon service, except for interface
    (oil/water) application.

    If reflex and transparent type gauges are used, they shall have forged steel column and toughened

    Level gauge glasses shall have flanged connections and shall be fitted with gauge valves with offset
    pattern and safety ball check valves.

    If several level glasses are used, visible sections shall overlap by not less than 50 mm.

    The installation shall be fitted with process isolation, drain and vent valves complying with standard Details.

    Simpler solutions may be used on small and non critical vessels.

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