Disadvantages of using modular I/O

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    Disadvantages of using modular I/O

    Posted by Padhu Edupuganti on July 19, 2020 at 10:17 am

    Based on the definition you just learned of Modular I/O devices, what disadvantages do you think this type of device offers?

    The two main disadvantages of the Modular I/O devices are that they are larger and more expensive than Fixed I/O devices.

    The size can be a problem in environments, such as classrooms, that have limited space constraints.

    It is also sometimes difficult to install these larger units in preexisting cabinets that may not have been designed to hold this larger type unit.

    The cost of Modular devices is usually higher per device, but the many functions that modular unites can fulfill often makes modular units less expensive per function.

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