Input Modules Optical Isolation

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    Input Modules Optical Isolation

    Posted by S Bharadwaj Reddy on July 19, 2020 at 10:48 am

    Optical isolation refers to the electrical separation of two circuits. This is accomplished by using an optical coupler.

    The optical coupler uses electromagnetic radiation to separate signals from one circuit to another.

    The optical isolator that is used by the discrete input module serves three main purposes.

    1. It separates the higher input voltage from the logic circuits.

    2. It prevents processor damage due to line voltage fluctuations.

    3. It reduces the effect of electrical noise, which can cause irregular operation.

    In an input module optical isolation shields circuits from possible damage due to electrical transients.

    Optical isolators transfer electrical signals by using light.

    These isolators prevent damage by separating the sending and receiving unit which generally uses low-voltage electronic components from voltage spikes and/or shorts.

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