Relationship between Logical and Physical Address

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    Relationship between Logical and Physical Address

    Posted by Padhu Edupuganti on July 20, 2020 at 9:02 am

    The PLC memory system stores a large amount of information about the statuses of all the inputs and outputs. In order to keep track of this large amount of information, the PLC uses a system called addressing.

    An address is a label or number that indicates where a certain piece of information is located. This number directs the PLC where to look when it needs to access that piece of information. There are two types of addressing.

    Logical Address

    A logical address is the address at which a certain item (memory cell, network host, etc) seems to reside according to the application program.

    Physical Address

    A physical address is a memory address that is represented by binary numbers on the circuitry in order for the processor to access a specific location of memory.

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