Turn ON PLC Output if the Push button is Pressed More than 6 times


Write a PLC ladder logic to turn ON an output when the same input push button is pressed more than 6 times.

Turn ON PLC Output Logic

 As per the problem, we are pressing a push button again and again until the number of counts is greater than 6.

The solution is straight-forward, we need a counter and a comparator.

Turn ON PLC Output if the Same Push button is Pressed more than 6 Times


NO with address M0.0  is given as an input to the counter.

Tag _2 with address MW2 will store the number of counts and the same address is given to the top input of the comparator.

Now, this value at MW2 which is dependent on the counter will be compared with the value 6 of the comparator.

When the value stored at MW2 is greater than 6 then the output Q0.0 gets high.

This PLC exercise problem and solution is from the Siemens Tia Portal course.

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