Example Programs OMRON PLC

Learn the programmable logic controllers with the example programs of Omron PLC ladder logic coding with a solution.

Design the basic ladder logic program for the example logic gates circuit for the image as shown in below.

Gate Logic in Ladder Logic

Write the ladder logic for the above-shown logic diagram.

Example Programs OMRON PLC

Example Programs OMRON PLC

PLC Program Description

  • A, C, and inverted B are in OR operation. D and E are into OR operation. Those two results will make AND operation with G and inverted F. Final result is stored in memory coil M0
  • H and I are into OR operation and the result is AND with J. Final result is stored in memory coil M1.
  • M0 and M1 are in OR operation to enable or disable output Y.

Note: This PLC example is from the Omron PLC training course.

Author: Hema

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