Pressure Measurement Recommendations

  • Pressure Measurement Recommendations

    Posted by Chaitanya E on July 16, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    If pulsating pressure is likely to occur, a pulsation dampener shall be used.

    All pressure instruments shall withstand a pressure of minimum 130 % of upper range value without
    need for recalibration.

    Differential pressure instruments shall be able to withstand full static (line) pressure on each of the
    inputs with the other at zero without need for recalibration.

    Differential pressure instruments for low ranges equipped with capillaries and chemical seals should
    be avoided.

    Pressure Gauges

    Pressure gauges shall be of the heavy duty, safety type with blow-out back as defined in recognised

    Gauges with ranges from 0.6 barg, shall have bourdon type element and shall have liquid filled

    The nominal house/case diameter should be 100 mm for pressure gauges and 160 mm for differential
    pressure gauges, both with bottom connection.

    The manufacturer’s standard ranges should be used.

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