Pressure Relief Valves Requirements

  • Pressure Relief Valves Requirements

    Posted by Chaitanya E on July 16, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    All the pressure relief valves shall be sized in accordance with the information on the data sheet and the method outlined in API RP 520, part I and II, for sizing of pressure relief valves for hydrocarbon systems.

    Also called as Bursting discs.

    Flanged steel safety relief valves for hydrocarbon systems shall conform to API 526.

    Relief valves for the process piping, excluding steam and air pressure piping shall be of the enclosed spring type.

    All relief valves for hydrocarbon systems shall conform to ASME VIII.

    Seat tightness of pressure relief valves shall conform to API 527.

    The total effective flow area of the orifice(s) selected shall exceed the calculated area only by an amount as limited by standard orifice sizes available.

    Before orifice sizes Q, R and T are implemented, the relief valve manufacturer shall critically evaluate these large sizes against process medium/conditions.

    The number of relief valves shall be kept to a minimum in a multiple safety valve installation. In a multiple safety valve installation, all orifices shall be equal.

    Design, sizing and approval of relief valves for utility systems shall be done to a recognised international standard/institution.

    Bursting discs shall be designed according to BS 2915 or equivalent.

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