Define Discrete I/O Modules?

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    Define Discrete I/O Modules?

    Posted by Padhu Edupuganti on July 19, 2020 at 10:31 am

    Discrete Input/Output modules are the most common types of I/O interface modules. This type of device connects binary or “On/Off” inputs. <div>

    On/Off inputs are devices that have only an “On” or “Off” setting, such as selector switches, pushbuttons and limit switches.


    In discrete modules, output controls are limited to devices such as lights, relays and motor starters that require a simple On/Off switch.

    All discrete Input/Output modules are powered by a field-supplied voltage source. Discrete I/O modules are available at many different AC and DC voltage ratings.

    See chart for a list of the most common ratings.


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