Car Parking PLC Program

Write ladder logic for Car parking Program.

Design the ladder program to implement Automation of parking garage system in an apartment where they can park only 10 cars. When 10 cars park, a signal will turn ON signalizing that a garage is full and notifying other drivers not to enter because there is no space available.

This is only a basic logic that counts the number of cars (entry/exit) and displays a lamp indication when parking is full. So you will have two inputs (entry/exit sensors) and one output (lamp).

Refer to the below diagram for additional information.

Write ladder logic for Car parking Program

Car Parking PLC Program

Car Parking PLC Program

Logic Explanation

Entry sensor connected with counter’s CU input which will make a count when Car enters the parking slot.

Preset is set to 10.When MW0 (Memory address used to store accumulator value of the counter) equals 10, parking full indicator will ON.

Exit sensor is connected with CD input of counter which will reduce the accumulator value of the counter when car exits.

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